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Course: 19th Century English Romantic Poets: Rock Stars of Their Generation with Lynne Agress 

Lynne Agress was a marvelous instructor who deftly shares her vast knowledge and encourages her students to think critically.  She is an asset to the Odyssey program, especially for those of us who want to read great literature with the benefit of some guidance. 

Caroline Griffin, Spring 2022  

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Course: Critical Black Film Studies with Ernest Quarles 

The instructor’s wealth of knowledge was impressive and class discussions were interesting. 

Mary Laurenzano, Spring 2022  

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Course: Finding the Funny  with Alexandra Hewett

Ms. Hewett did an excellent job of encouraging students to expand beyond their comfort zones and achieve more than anticipated. She was always positive and constructive, an approach that the students emulated. 

Daniel Rosen, Spring 2022  

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Course: The Art of Gustav Klimt by Joseph Cassar

I have taken several courses now from Dr. Cassar, and all have been absolutely excellent.  It is truly amazing the amount of work, research, photographs and planning that he puts into his courses.  It is almost a travelogue, and he takes great care to explain the comments he is making about the art and the artists, so that we students understand.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to more courses from Dr. Cassar. 

Bev Stiver, Fall 2022

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Course: Dementia, Spirituality and Grief by Gordon Creamer  

This was an excellent course, both in and of itself and as an important part of my pursuit of the Certificate on Aging. We were well guided by Mr. Creamer to experience (not just learn about) the spirituality and meaningfulness of both dementia and grief, and I am grateful. Mr. Creamer also made himself available outside of class time, and he always followed up each class as promised. The final project was especially rewarding–not only doing it but seeing others’ projects, too. 

Martha J. Lockwood, Fall 2022