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What’s next for your career? Let’s make a plan.

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and Johns Hopkins Center for Integrative Learning & Life Design are working with the career design experts to bring you the clarity and confidence you need to create a fulfilling career. We are thrilled to be on this journey with you and will support you every step of the way as you design the next chapters of your career and life. 

The Alumni Life Design Experience supports members of our Hopkins community at a time in their lives when they are ready for change. Regardless of your age, background or current situation, the Alumni Life Design Experience will give you the clarity you need to take that next step toward fulfillment in your career.  

The Alumni Career Design Experience will inspire you to:

We are here to help you identify your interests, reestablish or revisit your goals, and document your progress.

It’s a perfect fit if you:

With the course, you will: